A long-standing member of the restoration community

The corporate history of Worcester Eisenbrandt, Inc began in 1926 with the establishment of Sheppard Stone Weatherproofing of Baltimore, specialists in masonry repair, renovation, and restoration. In 1956, the company was reorganized as Fred H. Eisenbrandt Incorporated. Thirty-one years later, Eisenbrandt merged with Worcester Brothers Company, a firm experienced in concrete, wood, and steel construction and renovation, to form the comprehensive historic building conservation and restoration contractor

Commitment to historic properties

Throughout its history, Worcester Eisenbrandt has applied its experience and expertise to numerous governmental, institutional, commercial, and private sites all over the Mid-Atlantic region. Of the over 1400 projects completed by Worcester since 1987, approximately 70% have been architecturally, historically, or culturally significant in nature. Indeed, many of Worcester’s projects are listed in or have been identified as potentially eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, and range from small, highly sensitive restoration efforts, like Hancock’s Resolution in Pasadena, Maryland, to large-scale multi-million dollar rehabilitation contracts, like the U.S. Department of Justice Headquarter in Washington, DC. As a result, Worcester Eisenbrandt continues to specialize in the repair and conservation of highly significant structures that require knowledge and experience in the treatment of historic building materials.

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