Worcester Eisenbrandt Inc.

Institutional and Commercial

Restoring aging historical properties back to their former glory is our specialty.

Ecclesiastical and Educational

We’ve been honored to preserve and protect prominent schools, churches and synagogues.


Preserving and repairing historical structures and objects is our passion.

Statues and Monuments

We’ve been able to take part in preserving our Nation’s history.

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Historic Property Renovation and Restoration

Worcester Eisenbrandt Inc. is the premier historic property renovation and restoration firm in the Washington D.C./Baltimore area. Having successfully completed numerous exterior and interior historic renovation, restoration, rehabilitation, and preservation projects, we have developed a strong foundation of relevant skills and experience to complete any project. From restoring the Washington Monument in Baltimore, MD to renovating the beautiful stained glass windows of Gilman Hall at Johns Hopkins University, we have a proven track record of quality work.

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A History of Recognition

Worcester Eisenbrandt Inc. has accrued numerous craftsmanship and historic preservation awards for our projects throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region in recognition of the demonstrated skills and capabilities of our craftsmen and technicians and for the outstanding quality of our completed projects.

National Register of Historic Places

Numerous projects performed by Worcester Eisenbrandt, Inc. in the Maryland/District of Columbia region are potentially eligible for or included in the National Register of Historic Places. These projects demonstrate specific, relevant strengths across the full range of historic resource preservation requirements.

Accomplishing your goals

Our ability to self-perform most project scope requirements — in both labor force and technical expertise — assures our customers and clients of high quality, lasting work that is completed on schedule and within budget. We employ over 110 personnel, of which approximately 85 are tradesmen or field operators. Also, our 10,000 square feet workshop facility allows us to provide extensive custom wood and metal fabrication for our projects.